In the midst of this pandemic, God can be found. We found Him in the smiles, laughter and loved shared by this sweet couple. Matthew and I spent the afternoon earlier this month with Sarah and Jacob at Friendship Park in Smithfield, OH for their spring engagement session. And I can quite honestly say, this […]

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Friendship Park, Smithfield OH Engagement Session | Sarah + Jacob

You know when you meet someone and you are instantly inspired by them? Their presence gives you peace and joy, their story gives you hope and their lives challenge you to live better? That is exactly how Matthew and I felt after meeting Katie and Aaron. These two have an INCREDIBLE story and it is a testament to God’s faithfulness.

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Katie + Aaron | A Historic 4th Street Engagement Session | Steubenville, OH

This shoot was SO MUCH FUN. I collaborated with some awesome small businesses to put together a styled engagement shoot with a gorgeous couple!! Eve and Nick are engaged and I was so pumped when they agreed to be my models for this shoot!

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Eve + Nick | Teal Styled Engagement Shoot | Steubenville, OH

Julie and Eyad were such a joy to work with! We met on a fall evening on the campus of Franciscan University of Steubenville for their engagement session and I loved chatting with them about what they do and where they are from! Julie is from close by, just across the river in Weirton, WV but Eyad is from a little further away…….Jerusalem! How cool is that?!? I told them that it’s the one place in the world that I MUST go to before I die! I’ve never been and it’s at the top of my bucket list!

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Julie + Eyad | Fall Engagement Session | Steubenville, OH

These two have the sweetest love story….they are high school sweethearts who grew up in the same town, went to college together and now they are getting MARRIED!! They have been together for 8 years and are so so sweet. When they got engaged, Leo posted a photo and wrote “She didn’t believe me when I told her I was gonna marry her when we were 14”…..how CUTE is that?!!?!?!

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Katie + Leo | A Classy Fall Engagement Session | Steubenville Marina in Steubenville, OH

You know its a fantastic session when you’re shooting and just freaking out about 1) your beautiful couple and 2) the perfect light!! And then you get home and can’t wait to start editing!! Guys, this session has some of my most favorite pictures I’ve ever taken! Seriously, I can’t stop scrolling through Deb and Mike’s post!!

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Deb + Mike | An Engagement Session in Steubenville, OH

You know when you meet someone, even over social media, and you instantly know you could be best friends with them? That’s how I felt when Brianna first messaged me about photographing her wedding next June. When we met them in downtown Pittsburgh for their engagement session, I just KNEW we would be the perfect fit for them and their wedding! They are a joyful and genuine couple who love the Lord and each other so deeply. They were SUCH a dream to photograph!

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Brianna + Matthew | A Downtown Pittsburgh Engagement Session

About two weeks ago I got one of the best phone calls ever. I know that’s a pretty big statement but this was some pretty big news. I got a call from Will, who was dating one of my closest, dearest and most treasured friends that I’ve known for a decade. Allie and I met during the summer before our freshman year. So we have literally known each other for 10 amazing years. Allie is one of those people that will change you and inspire you after just one conversation. She is a truly beautiful soul and I am telling you, one of the most genuine and loyal friends I have ever met. She will laugh with you, cry with you, just be with you. And when she began dating Will, I just KNEW that she had found her future husband. I literally have never seen Allie happier than when she is with Will. He is so perfect for her and I am very pleased that he is a fellow HUGE Disney fan! Do I anticipate Schaefer and Davis family trips to Disney World…yes I do!

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Allie + Will | A Portiuncula Proposal in Steubenville, Ohio

I was so excited to finally meet Bridget and Charlie. We had been communicating for months over email about their August wedding! Charlie and Bridget are such a sweet couple and they have such a deep, tangible love for each other. When Bridget got out of the car for their engagement session at Friendship Park in Smithfield, OH, I was blow away! She looked stunning! Her dress was just perfect!

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Bridget and Charlie | A Friendship Park Engagement Session in Smithfield, Ohio

Rachel and MJ the kind of people that, when you first meet them, you just know they are people who have hearts for service. MJ is in nursing school and Rachel is going to medical school…and they are both EMT firefighters! How cool is that?!? Not only do they live their lives in the service of others, they also have a deep love for each other that is so evident. 

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Rachel and MJ | A Steubenville Spring Engagement Session


5 tips for choosing the perfect outfits for your session 

Picking out outfits can seem overwhelming and most people don’t know where to start! In this guide, I’m taking out the guess work and sharing my best tips on picking out and pairing outfits for your next portrait session. 




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