We believe in the beauty of marriage, the gift of family, and God’s work in our lives through prayer. We are passionate about telling your story and capturing the emotion of your joyful day through snapshots frozen in time. These images are the history of your family. We want to tell that story so it lives on in your family for generations to come. 
We are Laura and Matthew, and we are your photographers. From flipping through old photo albums as kids, we understand the legacy images leave behind. And with three young kids (John, Grace and Josephine) and one in heaven, we know the joys and struggles of marriage and family life. We want to capture its life-changing and timeless beauty for you, whether that’s your wedding day, your family photos or the special events in your life. 
Whatever we capture, we want to tell your story in an extraordinary way. We believe in the life-long mission of marriage, and it’s our mission to serve your family from the time you contact us until long after your special day. 
Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, we serve the greater Cincinnati area, northern Kentucky, Indianapolis and beyond! 


- laura + matthew

Laura brought a degree of joy, professionalism, patience, and expertise to the session that was simply amazing... We were so appreciative of her incredible skill set and were absolutely delighted with the resulting photos. 


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Laura is the lead photographer and she received her first camera at the age of 4 (think Fisher Price 1990's film camera) She has a weakness for the smell of campfires, cheesecake and chai lattes and she’s always down for a kitchen dance party with her kids. She also knows most Disney and Veggie Tales songs by heart. 

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Matthew owns over 50 bowties (never pre-tied), thinks peanut butter should go on everything and is all about collecting points for travel! He’s also a big fan of bourbon and growing his ever expanding whiskey collection. 

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These three keep us on our toes.  They bring us so much joy with their unique personalities. John is our social butterfly, Grace is our horse lover and Josephine is our sweet baby! God has blessed us with these little ones and it's a honor to be their parents.

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Our Kids

Laura and Matthew love to go on memorable trips with the kids, both domestic and international. Matthew is the snackpacker and travel planner extraordinaire, and Laura leads the charge in making sure everything is packed and ready to go! Someday they hope to see all 50 states and 7 continents, visit the Holy Land, go on a safari in Africa, and hike in Patagonia. 

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Family Trips


(and many more!)

 We're better when we’re together.


our family values

Our home is made for hosting. 


One can never have too many bowties.  


There is beauty in tradition.   


We love because He first loved us. 


getting ready

We love the hustle and bustle of a wedding day morning. Everyone is excitedly getting ready, the smell of hairspray and perfume is in the air! One of our favorite moments to capture is the parents of the bride and groom helping their child get ready for their wedding. Whether it’s putting the veil in her daughter’s hair or adjusting his son’s bowtie, these are tender moments and we make it a priority to capture them. 

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the first look

The big reveal! Whether it’s the bride and groom or the bride and her father, this moment is charged with emotion. It’s incredibly touching and Laura usually has tears in her eyes by the end of it! We allow the first look to unfold organically before us, making sure to capture all of the raw and real emotion and allowing the couple to just soak each other in. 

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the aisle walk

Even if the couple has chosen to do a first look, there is still something so profound and emotional about the doors opening and the bride walking down the aisle towards her future husband. We love capturing the expressions from both the bride and groom as they see each other in this iconic moment. 

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the vows

This is a sacred moment, the most important moment of the day. This is when the couple becomes husband and wife. The images we capture from this moment show the intentionality and conviction of our couple as they promise to faithfully love one another for the rest of their lives. We both usually have tears in our eyes by the end of it because it brings us back to the moment that we said ours. Life long love is a beautiful thing. 

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the parent dances

Maybe it’s because we are parents now, but the mother/son and father/daughter dances have become a favorite of ours. Watching the tender embrace of a parent dancing with their newly married child is such a touching moment to capture.

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The heart behind what we do

We believe that marriage, family and faith are the foundations that hold us together, and from flipping through photo albums as kids, we know the power images have to chronicle the beautiful history of a family and to freeze meaningful moments in time.

This is our blessing from our family to yours: To capture both the ordinary and extraordinary moments of your lives so that future generations look with wonder on “how you loved one another.” That is the kind of story we want to tell through timeless images.

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5 tips for choosing the perfect outfits for your session 

Picking out outfits can seem overwhelming and most people don’t know where to start! In this guide, I’m taking out the guess work and sharing my best tips on picking out and pairing outfits for your next portrait session. 




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