I rarely do spontaneous things. I’m a stay at home mother of two. My days consist of laundry, cooking and playing with babies. Very routine, very predictable life. But when I heard that Katie and Jorge were looking last minute for a photographer for their Atlanta, GA wedding reception at Hudson’s By the Lake, I looked at Matthew and said “sooo……how hard is it to get to Atlanta?”

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Katie + Jorge | Atlanta Wedding Reception at Hudson’s By The Lake

When Bridget first told me about her unique schedule for her wedding day, I was SO intrigued. I had never heard of a wedding with dinner first and ceremony second! But after photographing their beautiful wedding day, I can tell you, it totally worked! And we still had time for gorgeous sunset photos! Win win!

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Bridget + Charlie

ADVENTURE. If there was one word to describe Teresa and John’s relationship it would be adventure. Their relationship leading up to their wedding had been filled with travel and new experiences. And now that they are married, the adventure continues. They are going to start their married life in Abu Dhabi…how cool is that?!?

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Teresa + John

When you have a late June wedding, you know it could be a tad hot…maybe a bit humid and there may be a storm or two. In the days leading up to Katie and Jorge’s big day, my various weather apps could NOT decide what the weather was going to do on June 29th. So I left the house that morning with 16 clear umbrellas just in case the skies opened up! Luckily, the rain held off to the VERY end and Katie and Jorge had an absolutely beautiful day! It ended up being a hot and humid day which was the total opposite of the day we shot their engagement photos! But you forgot all about the heat and the pending storms when you saw the joy and love that was shared by all on their wedding day.

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Katie + Jorge

This day was 7 years in the making. After years of dating and months of engagement, their big day was finally here. Rachel and MJ are one of the sweetest couples and their wedding day was well…to say this day was perfect would be an understatement. From the first look with her father to the her stunning dress and beautiful flowers, to the sunset photos and sparkler exit, it was a beautiful and memorable day.

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Rachel and Mark | A Hopedale Ohio Firestation Wedding

When I asked Dalton, if she would be wearing a veil on her wedding day, she said “No, I’ll be wearing Ellie.” This babywearing bride looked ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! The colors were perfect and I love how wearing Ellie in the wrap incorporated her into the wedding day in an unique and meaningful way.

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Dalton + Jimmy Joe | Wedding


5 tips for choosing the perfect outfits for your session 

Picking out outfits can seem overwhelming and most people don’t know where to start! In this guide, I’m taking out the guess work and sharing my best tips on picking out and pairing outfits for your next portrait session. 




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