February 16, 2021

Bridal Details Checklist

When planning a wedding, you have a million and one things to think about. Gathering and curating your bridal details might seem like daunting task, where to begin? what should I include?  I decided to put together this blog post in the form of a checklist to help with this!

I begin every wedding day with details! They not only help my creative side to warm up but they also give me a color story, a feel for the overall theme of the wedding day.  This sets me up for success for the rest of the day, knowing if the theme is more rustic or elegant, classic or modern. So let’s begin with the checklist:

Invitation Suite (and other stationery)

This is often overlooked but it is the first detail I always begin with.  It allows me to get a feel for the theme, the colors, and it makes for some beautiful flat lays.  I usually can incorporate many of the other details with the invitation suite and it provides a beautiful backdrop for ring shots and other jewelry.


Shoe shots are so fun! I love photographing them paired with other details like the rings or veil.  They can be simple or statement shoes and they give added visual interest to the images.

All Three Rings

So often I arrive on the wedding day and when I ask for the rings, we only have the engagement ring.  If the groom is relatively nearby I send Matthew to grab the other two rings.  Ring shots with all three rings are such a staple to wedding detail images.  During the engagement session, I get shots of the engagement ring, but on the wedding day, it’s time to show off all three rings.

Earrings and Other Jewelry

Earrings and other jewelry can be such special accents for your bridal look as well as detail images. I love when the jewelry has special meaning to the bride: “these were my mother’s wedding earrings” or “this is my grandmother’s ring and necklace.”  It adds such a personal touch to the details and I pay special attention to capture those heirloom pieces.


One of the strongest associations of memory is with the sense of smell.  I intentionally chose a special perfume for my wedding day and I now wear it on anniversaries and other special occasions.  A perfume bottle is an often overlooked detail but it makes for beautiful images!

Bouquet and Boutonnière

I am a HUGE fan of florals and I love incorporating the bride’s bouquet and groom’s boutonnière in detail shots.  PRO TIP: Ask your florist for some loose florals and greenery that she didn’t end up using for your bouquet.  I will incorporate them in your detail shots!! Fresh, loose florals and greenery add SO MUCH to these images!

Groom’s Details

Let’s not forget the groom! He has his own set of details that Matthew will capture! We highly suggest having these details ready:

-Cuff Links

-Tie or Bow Tie


-Any Military Detail

-Gifted Liquor



-Socks (if speciality)

-Custom Groomsmen Gifts


Anything Else With Meaning!

Have fun with this! I love seeing what our couples add to their details bag. I have had bride’s include a special rosary to their details or polaroid shots of their parent’s wedding.  You can also include wax seals or stamps, your hair piece, an heirloom ring box, or pocket watch. Be creative!

And there you have it! Bridal details can add so much to your wedding images and I hope that this list helps you plan, gather and curate your own details for your wedding day.  Here’s the list again for reference:

  • Invitation Suite and Other Stationery
  • Shoes
  • All 3 Rings
  • Earrings and Other Jewelry
  • Perfume
  • Bouquet, Boutonnière and Loose Florals/Greenery
  • Groom’s Details: Cufflinks, Tie or Bowtie, Shoes, Military Details, Gifted Liquor, Watch, Belt, Socks, Groomsmen Gifts
  • Anything Else with Meaning: rosary, polaroids, wax seals or stamps, hair piece, an heirloom ring box or pocket watch etc.

If you have any questions, shoot me an email and I’d be happy to help!



  1. […] Though Jordan is studying to be a pharmacist, she could totally have a backup career as a wedding planner.  Her stunning light blue spring wedding at Oglebay was nothing short of perfection.  Every detail was planned to a T! When we arrived on the morning of Jordan and Ryan‘s wedding, Jordan greeted us with a huge smile and a box filled with details! Every photographer’s dream! I was SO excited to get started on photographing all of her gorgeous details! Details are often overlooked but they set the stage beautifully for your wedding day story.  They give me a clue into the color pallet for the day and what sort of theme the bride is going for. Not only do I use them in a blog post but they pair so nicely with portraits in a wedding album.  They can be sentimental or just plain beautiful! I actually wrote a whole blog post just on details which you can find HERE. […]

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