June 3, 2019

Schaefer Family Adventures: April and May 2019

Sooo …….sometimes life happens and you get behind. That’s what happened to me and my personal family photos. I had SO many sessions in April and May, family sessions, headshots, weddings, etc. that I couldn’t keep up with editing my own family photos. But now we have a bit of a lull and I’m caught up on editing! So I’m combining April and May into one blog post!


April started out chilly but that didn’t keep up from going to the park a few times! John absolutely loves going to the park. Whenever he sees a playground he says “wheeeeeeeeeeee!” as if he’s going down a slide. Slides might be his favorite part of a playground. He can go down them, he can climb up them, he can even roll balls and rocks down them! So many options! We have a local park that is walking distance from our house and that’s usually my park of choice. It also has tennis courts there and John LOVES playing with the balls! Another activity John has begun to enjoy is digging in the backyard for worms. Matthew was chopping wood for summer bonfires and John wanted to help. Clearly we won’t give our toddler an axe so Matthew gave him a little shovel and told him to dig! He discrovered worms and began his worm relocation project. He moves the worms from one end of the wood pile to the other. It’s very cute but I really hate worms so I admire the cuteness of the project from afar.

April also meant Grace’s first Easter! We stayed in Steubenville for Easter and good thing because I ended up getting sick! Not fun! Another thing that is not fun is a toddler cutting all 4 of his two year old molars at once! Poor kids is still working on it but he’s quite the trooper! Anyways, back to Easter. Easter morning was pretty chilly and damp but we still decided to do the egg hunt in our backyard. John had a blast searching for the colorful eggs and was even MORE pumped when he realized what was inside them! JELLY BEANS! It was the first year we had done an egg hunt with him and we all had so much fun! I love that each year we get to add more and more to our holiday celebrations as John gets older and is aware of more!

We ended April with a trip to Peoria, IL to visit my little sister. She is a Catholic religious sister with the Dominican Sisters of Mary Mother of the Eucharist. She’s a kindergarten teacher who is about to complete her first year of teaching! She hadn’t met Grace yet so I was excited for this trip! I still call her Hannah but her religious name is Sr. Theresita O.P. (O.P. stands for Order of Preachers which is the name of the Dominican order) So John and Grace will call her Auntie OP which we all thought was a cute name for her.


May brought much much nicer weather! We played outside a bunch and took a trip to the zoo one day! We had a zoo membership and the Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium is a great place to take the kids! John is totally in the animal phase so he has an absolute blast!

May was filled with playing in the backyard, making bonfires, baking sourdough bread and editing photos! My little sister Becca is staying with us for the summer so she came halfway through the month to begin her summer with us! I am really excited to have her here all summer long!

We ended the month with a trip back to Rochester, NY to visit my family! We spent the long weekend at my parents’ house and John and Grace got to play with their many aunts and uncles. It was a great way to kick off the summer months!

Here are some snapshots of the last two months!

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