January 21, 2021

2020: Best of Weddings

Today we wrap up our “2020 Best Of” Series. We’ve highlighted families and engagements and today we are recapping the best of our 2020 weddings!

When I look back at the 2020 wedding season, I am filled with immense gratitude. No one would have expected “pandemic weddings” to be a thing and yet each and every one of our weddings were affected in some way by the pandemic.  Matthew and I are forever changed by these couples and their families and we are so grateful for the opportunity to serve each of them. Each wedding has a story behind it, one that will be told for years to come. It was such a honor for us to be able to use our talents to capture the story of each day.

Though each of these weddings were unique, as you’ll see from the images below, there was an common theme to each of them: a refocusing on the marriage and sacrament taking place that day. None of our couples chose to postpone their wedding to 2021.  Some of them even moved their weddings sooner than planned.  “Let’s just get married” was the repeated phrase. It was so inspiring to see each of these couples struggle through tough decisions, acknowledging the heartbreak of ever changing plans. And yet, as they said their vows, promising to be faithful to each other in good times and bad, there was joy and there was peace. They were finally married and nothing could take away the joy of that profound moment.

I am so incredibly proud to know each of these couples. I hope you are inspired by them, as I am, as you scroll through this post.  And I encourage you to to join Matthew and I in praying for each of them as they grow closer in love as husband and wife.  Some of them are even expecting babies this year which is so exciting!

To each of you, our 2020 couples, thank you.  Thank you for trusting us and allowing us to walk with you this year.  To serve you has been a delight. We love you all! Enjoy scrolling through some snapshots of each of your incredible weddings days!



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