January 1, 2020

Katie + Aaron | A Historic 4th Street Engagement Session | Steubenville, OH

You know when you meet someone and you are instantly inspired by them? Their presence gives you peace and joy, their story gives you hope and their lives challenge you to live better? That is exactly how Matthew and I felt after meeting Katie and Aaron. These two have an INCREDIBLE story and it is a testament to God’s faithfulness.

Katie has worked for the past 10 years in Haiti, serving as a missionary and orphanage director. She works for an incredible organization called Haiti 180 which serves the people of Haiti. She told me that she thought that maybe the Lord had called her to be there alone and just serve Him by serving the children. She felt the call to marriage but also felt the call to stay and live in Haiti. She told God that if He had called her to serve here, He would have to bring her a spouse if He was calling her to marriage. And He did just that.

In walked Aaron, an ICU nurse from Virginia. He showed up at the orphanage one day to help serve the people as a nurse on a mission trip. Katie was instantly struck by his tenderness and compassion for the poor. “He struck me right from the very start by the way he played with the kids, acknowledged the villagers and sick with such compassion. He embraced the elderly at our elderly home with no reserve.” She said that most people who come to serve on mission trips are hesitant to reach out and truly connect with the people, to actually touch them and really be with them. Not Aaron. She was blown away by him and knew he was a keeper. It was love at first sight!

Their relationship has been long distance as Katie continues to serve in Haiti and Aaron works as a nurse in VA. But come April, that will all change!! Katie will move back to the states, Aaron will enter the Church on Easter, they will get married and live in VA. There, Aaron will attend school to become a nurse anesthetist! They have so much good change ahead and they both give all the glory to God!!

Katie is from Steubenville, OH and she was back home with Aaron for Christmas. We got together the day after Christmas for their engagement session. The plan was to have a wintry session and Katie was looking forward to the snow and cold after being in the warm Haitian weather. But guys, the weather had other ideas…..it was 65 and sunny!! Katie and Aaron jokingly said “we didn’t know what to wear for this session….is it fall? Is it winter? Is is spring? We don’t know!!” We started their WARM winter session up on the old golf course behind Franciscan University and ended down on Historic 4th Street in downtown Steubenville. These two are SO in love and SO SO easy to photograph. Their wedding day is going to be a BREEZE!! Their undeniable attraction and deep love for each other is so evident and they told me laughing “you can pose us however you want, hugging, kissing, we don’t care….we are just happy to be together! “ I can’t imagine being in different countries for most of your relationship! But that soon that will just be a part of their story and they will be married! We are so excited to celebrate with them in April and capture their joy as they become husband and wife!!

Here are my favorites from their session….as I said, they were SUCH naturals so be prepared for a lot of photos. I had a lot of favorites!

This is one of my all time favorite images!! You can FEEL their love and joy!

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