February 8, 2020

Schaefer Family Adventures | January 2020

And just like that, it’s 2020. We start a new decade, we begin a new year. I’m beginning again, documenting my family’s daily life on a monthly basis. I took all of last year’s photos and put them into one big family yearbook. The book is absolutely humongous…..402 pages! But it has a whole year of photos in it and it brings me SO much joy to flip through it! I can’t wait to have a shelf of yearbooks that my children can look through, seeing themselves grow up in images.

This January was a very slow, ordinary month for us. Nothing extraordinary happened, we didn’t travel anywhere. It was peppered with sickness, which wasn’t fun but we got through it! We did a lot of playing in our backyard and home. For Christmas, John got some 12 piece jigsaw puzzles and he plays with them almost daily. They were difficult for him at first, it was the first jigsaw puzzle he had ever attempted so it took him a few days to figure it out. And now he will sit there and complete all 8 in one sitting! I love watching him concentrate and think through what pieces go together. It’s one of those privileges of being a mother: watching your child grow, learn and succeed right before your eyes. Speaking of growing, we have let John’s hair grow! I think the last time we cut it was the fall. Since then, it’s grown out into adorable curls. He has a constant “surfer dude” look but it’s so endearing. We haven’t had much snow this winter, but whenever we did get a dusting, John was out there playing! The snow never stayed around for too long and we actually have had some really warm days!

Another thing that he has started to do this month is imaginary play. We pretend to be animals going for walks or police officers catching the bad guys. It’s been so fulfilling to watch his imagination explode! He loves coming up with new story lines and insists that Matthew and I join in. He is such an adventurous little boy with a wild imagination and a heart full of love. This kid keeps me on my toes all the the while, keeping me laughing. He has such a funny sense of humor and a desire to please me. He asks me “Mommy, you happy? You smile?” which just melts my heart. All he wants is for me to be happy and he freely gives hugs and kisses. My sweet sweet boy is growing up and I’m trying to savor the moments with him while he’s still little.

Grace has totally embraced her little sister role. She follows John around everywhere and wants to do everything he is doing. She is so intuitive and clearly wants to communicate. She’s always babbling and pointing, trying to tell us what’s on her mind. She does love to destroy whatever John is working with, so we are constantly reminding him to play with things at the kitchen table so they are safe from the quick and accurate grab of Grace’s hands. This kid has amazing hand eye coordination. One of the cutest things that Grace has started doing is taking kitchen towels or laundry and putting them over her head and around her neck. She is basically playing dress up in her little 13 month old way. It’s incredibly cute and she will walk over to me with whatever article of clothing on her head and I’ll say “Oh Grace, so pretty! That looks so nice, you’re quite the trendsetter!”

Matthew and I have been busy this month with the rebranding and new website. It has been so wonderful to work with Davey and Krista throughout the whole process. We are changing the name of the business to Laura and Matthew and you can read a bit more about it over on our Instagram. We are in love with our new logo and branding and we can NOT WAIT for the new website to be done!! It’s really coming together and guys, it’s stunning. Super thrilled with everything thus far and it’s only making me more pumped about the official launch! So stay tuned for that! I’ll be doing a little give away leading up to the launch so be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay in the loop!

Here are some photos from our super lowkey January! Looking forward to another year of documenting my family!

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