May was an incredible month.  It began with a trip just for me to the panhandle of Florida.  I went to the very first Agape Creative Retreat in 30A Florida.  If you’ve never been to 30A. (I hadn’t before this) it is a set of picturesque towns along the gulf coast of Florida.  Each town […]

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Schaefer Family Adventures: May 2021

April began with Holy Week and Easter and it set the tone for the rest of the month.  It was a month filled with joy! We all could feel the newness of spring. The days were bright, warm and the flowers on the trees were putting on a show.  We did have a *brief* stint […]

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Schaefer Family Adventures: April 2021

Last month seems like ages ago.  I’m getting this blog post out a little later than I normally do because the past month has been so busy! Between all the various engagement sessions we’ve had (click HERE), visits from friends and family for my birthday, and then the preparations for Easter, we had a very […]

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Schaefer Family Adventures: March 2021

Snow, Sun, Snow.  That was the theme of Feburary 2021.  We began the month with loads of snow.  We even had a string of snow days! John and Grace were thrilled by the blanket of white in our backyard.  Matthew shoveled the snow off the driveway in the back into a large pile for the […]

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Schaefer Family Adventures: February 2021

A new year is here.  I begin a new year of blogging our family adventures, big and small, ordinary and extraordinary.  I love the rhythm of these posts, documenting my growing family. Even if I was the only one who scrolls through them, it’s worth it. January was a slow, quiet month at home.  We […]

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Schaefer Family Adventures: January 2021

The last month of 2020 came and went so quickly! The schedule was so full of travel and celebrating! It was the perfect way to end a very long and strange year. The month began with snow! The children were delighted! A white blanket of snow covered our yard and the kids excitedly donned their […]

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Schaefer Family Adventures: December 2020

November here in Steubenville was a quiet month for our family.  No weddings this month made for a nice break from the regular workflow.  I had a few family sessions that kept me busy and I was able to do some work on updating our website with content from this past year. We went for […]

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Schaefer Family Adventures: November 2020

October 2020 was a beautiful month. We were blessed with many sunny warm days at the beginning and slowly the weather began to cool and the leaves turned brilliant colors.  One of the most enjoyable parts of being a parent is seeing the world through their eyes. It brings a freshness and newness to life.  […]

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Schaefer Family Adventures: October 2020

September 2020, the start of a new school year, some fun travels to see friends in Cincinnati and some classic fall fun! We began September with a trip to Cincinnati! We visited with friends and met up with one of our 2021 couples for their engagement session. I am always blown away by this city! […]

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Schaefer Family Adventures: September 2020

I can not believe how fast this summer went by! August was a fun month with lots of playdates and a visit from some wonderful friends! It was also filled with engagement sessions, a wedding and a few family sessions too. A good combo of calm and busy. About midway through the month the student’s […]

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Schaefer Family Adventures: August 2020


5 tips for choosing the perfect outfits for your session 

Picking out outfits can seem overwhelming and most people don’t know where to start! In this guide, I’m taking out the guess work and sharing my best tips on picking out and pairing outfits for your next portrait session. 




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