December 14, 2020

Schaefer Family Adventures: November 2020

November here in Steubenville was a quiet month for our family.  No weddings this month made for a nice break from the regular workflow.  I had a few family sessions that kept me busy and I was able to do some work on updating our website with content from this past year.

We went for some walks as a family on the nice days and enjoyed the crispness of late Autumn. John continued with school and has been interested in counting.  He even surprised me by counting backwards! (I had no idea he knew how to do that!)  He also has rediscovered his Duplo’s and has been creating amazing structures with them. I am constantly blow away by his creativity and I never want him to loose it! Grace’s favorite activities recently have been to sit a read books, color with crayons and markers, and play with her baby dolls.  She is often found walking around with them in her tiny baby stroller.

Later in the month we had some family photos taken by two dear friends on mine: Bernadette Recznik and Mary Kate Anthony. It was so nice to have some updated photos of our family and I used many of the images for our Christmas card.

We had our first thanksgiving in our house here in Steubenville! Matthew cooked the turkey in our smoker and it was quite honestly the juiciest and most delicious turkey I have ever had! We now want to cook everything in the smoker! The weekend after Thanksgiving we went to Double M Tree Farm and cut down our Christmas Tree.  It was much earlier than we usually decorate for Christmas but we knew we would be traveling a bunch in December so we wanted to be able to enjoy the tree and decorations. It is the second year with a real tree and I absolutely love it.  I love the look, the smell, the whole experience of packing up the kids and searching for the perfect tree!

It was a beautiful November and I really love the images from this month.  I think the really capture the joy, silliness and creativity of my kids. I hope you enjoy scrolling through the highlights of our November 2020!



This picture just makes me laugh.  This is so ‘Grace’

A favorite activity is taking the animals and making paw print impressions in their playdough.

Making “soup” from the rocks, dirt, weeds and leaves in our backyard.  Yum.

It was still warm enough for bonfires and they kids LOVE them!

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