October 14, 2020

Schaefer Family Adventures: September 2020

September 2020, the start of a new school year, some fun travels to see friends in Cincinnati and some classic fall fun!

We began September with a trip to Cincinnati! We visited with friends and met up with one of our 2021 couples for their engagement session. I am always blown away by this city! Their parks are incredible, especially Summit Park! Each time we visit, we explore new places for the kids, eat at new restaurants and fall more in love with this Ohio city!  I highly recommend visiting!

The rest of the month was spent in Steubenville.  We pulled out the new bonfire pit, a Solo Stove, and have had enjoyed some fall evenings by the fire.  One weekend Matthew pulled out the tent and went “camping” with John in the backyard. John was so excited to sleep outside with Daddy! It was so cute!

Later in the month we went apple picking with friends on the most perfect fall day, deep blue skies, crisp air and ruby red apples filling the trees. We went to Dillion Fruit Farm and guys, this place is incredible.  It’s set in the rolling countryside of Ohio and they have rows and rows of apple trees with tons of variety. They also have loads of fruit and berries that can be picked all summer and into the fall.  We actually picked apples and raspberries during our outing and the kids LOVED sitting in the raspberry rows and eating the juicy berries as we filled our baskets. So, highly recommend!

We finished the month with lots of outdoor play! My mother came to visit for the weekend to help watch the kids while Matthew and I photographed Sarah and Jacob’s wedding. The kids were so thrilled and wanted her to stay longer! We will be headed to visit them soon as we have Leah and Jake’s wedding towards the end of October and their wedding is about 90 minutes from my parent’s house! The kids are pumped to visit Nonna and Papa!

All in all, September was a beautiful month. A good way to start the last quarter of the year. Enjoy scrolling through some snapshots of last month!



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