July was such a busy month, the busiest we’ve had this year.  We started the month, still in Minnesota on vacation, visiting family and friends.  Matthew’s mom took John and Grace too a really wonderful zoo (Hemker Zoo) where the kids could feed the birds, otters and even the giraffes! We then spent the 4th […]

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Schaefer Family Adventures | July 2020

Summer is in full swing here! This month was full of fun for the kids! It’s been such a joy watching how our kids grow and change throughout each summer.  We are in toddler/young kid mode around here and I started both kids in some summer activities! Grace has begun gymnastics which is absolutely adorable. […]

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Schaefer Family Adventures : June 2020

May 2020 was filled with FUN! We started to emerge from our time at home and it was so refreshing for the soul! We started going on more walks, spending more time outside and we started to go back to Mass! It felt like a new year! In early May, we played a lot in […]

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Schaefer Family Adventures: May 2020

I feel as though the passage of time this spring has been rather odd.  Some days are very long and other weeks just fly by.  And yet when I look back on the month of April, it seems like it was eons ago. As I was editing through last month’s photos, I was reminded of […]

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Schaefer Family Adventures: April 2020

March 2020.  It began very, very different than it ended.  When I was editing and blogging this month, I was struck once again by how dramatic of a month this really was. We started this month in Rochester, NY visiting my family.  There was snow on the ground when we arrived and John was absolutely […]

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Schaefer Family Adventures: March 2020

February seemed to be two extremes of weather: wintery snowy days and then warm sunny days! Grace got her first real taste of playing in the snow and she’s still not sure what she thinks of it. John LOVES it and therefore he was devastated when he woke up to see it all melted.  He […]

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Schaefer Family Adventures: February 2020

And just like that, it’s 2020. We start a new decade, we begin a new year. I’m beginning again, documenting my family’s daily life on a monthly basis.

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Schaefer Family Adventures | January 2020

Gosh, this year has been amazing! I’ve been blogging consistently each month for a whole year now, sharing our family’s adventures, both big and small, with you! It’s been an amazing year. I started out 2019 with a 3 day old and a 2 year old and now I have a 1 year old and a 3 year old!!! I plan on continuing to blog each month, especially since I kept me accountable with editing our family photos. I now have an entire year’s worth of photos edited and ready to be made into a family yearbook!

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Schaefer Family Adventures | December 2019

November was an incredibly full month!! Looking back at our calendar and these photos, we did so much! From traveling to friends and family to just spending time at home, this month had it all!!

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Schaefer Family Adventures: November 2019

October came and went like the leaves of fall. Here today, gone tomorrow! It was filled with photo sessions for me, a birthday for John and some major milestones for Grace!

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Schaefer Family Adventures: October 2019


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