March 16, 2020

Schaefer Family Adventures: February 2020

February seemed to be two extremes of weather: wintery snowy days and then warm sunny days! Grace got her first real taste of playing in the snow and she’s still not sure what she thinks of it. John LOVES it and therefore he was devastated when he woke up to see it all melted.  He scolded the sun for having melted his precious snow.

John has been very interested in a few things this month: his big puzzle, coins and pirates. He loves to work on puzzles so I pulled out a big ABC puzzle and he has be intent on putting together almost every day.  We do have to keep Grace away though; her current interest is destroying puzzles.

John has also taken an interest in coins.  He loves to carry them around in his pockets but he tends to leave them around the house which pose as choking hazards.  So, we bought him a wooden box that he lovingly refers to as his “treasure chest”.  He loves the movie Peter Pan and the show Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  So this treasure chest was perfect! He also enjoys helping me cook, clean, or do whatever I’m doing. John is all about being like Mommy and Daddy.  He pretends to “go to work” like Daddy. It’s adorable!

Another favorite pastime of his is playing Police and Bad Guys (or “guys” as he calls them).  We chase them around our house and put them in jail.  But somehow the “guys” keep getting out so we might need to invest in better imaginary locks.

Grace has been growing and cutting more teeth! She went from 2 teeth to 8 teeth over the course of this month, it was a ton of new teeth (poor babe) but now she’s got a sweet toothy grin.  Grace continues to surprise me in how much she understands and tries to communicate.  She loves to dance to music; her current favorite being “Let it Go” from Frozen.  That song is on repeat in our house these days. She dances and throws her hands in the air like Elsa.  It’s so sweet!

Both kids love when Daddy is home! They greet him each day with excitement when he walks through the door. John usually cheers “you’re back!!” Matthew and I went on a wonderful date to Pittsburgh on Valentine’s Day. We went to a beautiful restaurant, Le Mont, which overlooks the city.  It was delicious and the view is just incredible. Matthew requested a table on the window and we watched the sun set and the city light up. It was a wonderful evening, just the two of us.  When we got home, our sweet babysitters had made a craft with John and Grace with their hand and foot prints. Just the best!

Enjoy scrolling through this month’s images.  I think their expressions are just so cute! Especially Grace’s face while sitting in the snow! ?

It was WINDY!

Oh this face! Cracks me up!

Let it go!

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