May 22, 2020

Schaefer Family Adventures: April 2020

I feel as though the passage of time this spring has been rather odd.  Some days are very long and other weeks just fly by.  And yet when I look back on the month of April, it seems like it was eons ago. As I was editing through last month’s photos, I was reminded of all the ups and downs of the month.  It felt like spring had arrived and yet we had some very cold days.  It felt like maybe quarantine would end, and yet they extended it another month. Some days it felt like I truly couldn’t keep going in this isolation and yet I did.

Once again, we spent almost all of our time at home, in the backyard.  Thank goodness we bought this water table last year. It has quickly become a favorite for both kids. We celebrated Holy Week and Easter at home but we made an effort to make it special and prayerful. We decorated eggs with the kids for the first time and John thoroughly enjoyed this activity. On Holy Saturday we made a fire and Matthew brought out the Book of Blessings and blessed our little pascal fire.  It was a small way of trying to live liturgically while still being at home. They kids loved it, especially since there were marshmallows involved.

On Easter Sunday we had two Easter Eggs hunts! One of them was in our backyard and the kids loved searching for the colorful eggs in our yard.  Later that day we went to campus and took a few eggs to hide for the kids.  They loved running around, searching for the eggs.  I think the change of scenery was refreshing for all of us. We also took some family photos with the tripod.  I set a timer and ran back and forth between the family and camera.  I may have looked a little goofy but I’m super happy with the end product!

The rest of the month was spent at home, playing in the backyard on nice days. On really nice days we took walks with the kids in the evening which has become another beloved activity. John’s hair continued to grow longer and curlier but I don’t see us cutting it off any time soon…it’s just too cute! We celebrated Matthew’s birthday towards the end of the month and baked his favorite cookies! We also had a few family movie nights with popcorn… John obviously loved that and has been requesting that we do it again soon!

It was a good month all in all and I’m glad I have the photos to look back on when we are finally done with this pandemic!

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  1. Mary Lou Schaefer says:

    Love, Love, Love. We sure do have adorable Grandchildren!

  2. Mary Lou Schaefer says:

    Love, love, love….We sure do have adorable Grandchildren. Love the pictures!

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