So I know October is over half done but I have had “Schaefer Family Adventure: September” on my to do list for so long and it feels AMAZING to check it off!! So a little late but hey it’s not November yet!

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Schaefer Family Adventures: September 2019

Just as a heads up….this a very Grace-Full post. Lots and lots of photos of her! I only realized this once I started editing the photos that I didn’t have many of John, but that OK there’s lots of him in other months!

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Schaefer Family Adventures: August 2019

This is Charlotte….the floating rainbow unicorn.

She resides in Vermont at my Grandparent’s home on Lake St. Catherine. She is a lovely addition to a place that is filled with already amazing memories for me. My grandparent’s home, which we call the Camp, is nestled in the Green Mountains of Vermont on a beautiful glacier formed lake in the town of Wells, Vermont. I have visited this place my entire life.

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Schaefer Family Adventures: July 2019

Gosh, this summer is just flying by. I think I say that every year but it’s true! Our June was filled with warm sunny days outside and vacation! I’d call that a good June!

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Schaefer Family Adventures: June 2019

Sooo …….sometimes life happens and you get behind. That’s what happened to me and my personal family photos. I had SO many sessions in April and May, family sessions, headshots, weddings, etc. that I couldn’t keep up with editing my own family photos. But now we have a bit of a lull and I’m caught up on editing! So I’m combining April and May into one blog post!

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Schaefer Family Adventures: April and May 2019

March certainly flew by for me. It was filled with visit from grandparents and travels to New Mexico! And lots and lots of laundry. It’s amazing how much laundry two little people can make!

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Schaefer Family Adventures: March 2019

For the past four years we have spent each spring break in the beautiful state of New Mexico. Franciscan University of Steubenville sends out around 300 missionaries each year on spring break mission trips all over the world! We have been so blessed to be the advisors for New Mexico Mission for 4 years now. The mission team serves in Gallup, NM and we work with the local Catholic schools, the Missionaries of Charity and the Little Sisters of the Poor.

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New Mexico Mission 2019 | Gallup, New Mexico

Wow, February FLEW by! It’s definitely the shortest month and it felt like it too! Today I’m continuing with our Schaefer Family Adventures series. If I had describe this month in a phrase it would be “going viral”.

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Schaefer Family Adventures: February 2019 (the month of going viral)

Grace is two months old and I’ve finally sat down to write out her birth story. It wasn’t how or where I planned to give birth but I’m so thankful for the beautiful and precious outcome!

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Grace’s Birth Story

So I’ve decided to do a monthly family series on the blog called “Schaefer Family Adventures”. It will highlight things we do each month as well as photos I’ve taken that month.

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Schaefer Family Adventures: January 2019


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