February 19, 2019

Schaefer Family Adventures: January 2019

So I’ve decided to do a monthly family series on the blog called “Schaefer Family Adventures”. It will highlight things we do each month as well as photos I’ve taken that month. January 2019 was full of adjustment and joy. Grace was born right before the New Year so January was filled with adjusting to life with two kids and getting to see John step into his new role as big brother. He’s a natural. He is always looking out for Grace, always ready to show her love and comfort her.

Grace has been such an amazing baby. Seriously. This little girl is such an easy going baby who loves to sleep. Perfect second child. She loves to look at faces and began to really interact and smile at faces right around 4 weeks old. She loves her older brother. You can already tell she’s fascinated by him.

John got dinosaur figurines for Christmas and he loves playing with them. I’ll find him around the house with them. He also adores playing with his trains. I actually love playing with his trains too. I find it fun to set up the track differently each time we play. He is obsessed with balls and loves to color with crayons. We set up a trampoline in the living room for him which he enjoys bouncing on. One of his favorite activities is to play in the kitchen sink with the water and wash his dishes. It may get a bit messy but he loves it. He would play there all day if I’d let him. But our water bill would be outrageous if I did. He goes to Montessori school once a week for 90 mins and I’ve already seen him grow so much since he started. I’ve also grown so much in knowledge of him and his needs because of the class. I love learning how to love and serve him better.

This month we celebrated Grace’s baptism. I wrote a separate post on it which you can find here. She wore my mother’s baptismal gown which I also wore for my baptism. I took lots of photos and I posted my favorites on the blog post.

Here are some of my favorite snapshots from January. The first few are from the first time John held Grace. She was two weeks old and he had been sick for the first two weeks after she was born. Once he had recovered fully, I asked him one day “John, do you want to hold Grace?” His face lit up, as if he thought “gosh, I didn’t know that was a possibility!” I put her in his arms and he loved it. He didn’t exactly know what to do with his arms or how to hold her but he was so proud and content to have her lay on him. I just love these pictures!

  1. Taylor Davis says:

    SO SWEET!!! I love the ones of your kiddos together ? What a great idea to start a little series like this to remember your everyday – I may have to start something like this up especially through the winter!

  2. Alissa Moore says:

    Such a great idea! What an adorable family ❤️

  3. Amber says:

    What sweet sibling photos! Ones to frame for sure 🙂

  4. Mandy Provan says:

    Such special memories captured of your 2 cuties. Congrats on the arrival of little Grace! She’s beautiful and John looks as pleased as punch to be a big brother!!

  5. Amy says:

    Omg I’m dying!!! They are soooo cute!!!

  6. Alisha says:

    Sooo sweet!! Congratulations on that sweet baby, and way to go big brother!

  7. Oh my gosh. Your son hushing the baby was the cutest thing ever. Also, what is it that he is standing on in the kitchen. I could totally use one of these for my boys. Also, loving your idea about a monthly post about family adventures. Can’t wait to see what else your family has in-store!

  8. Jamie says:

    This is SUCH a great idea! I wish I knew I could keep up with something like this for our family <3

  9. Chelsy says:

    Awe love the idea of a monthly family series! Can’t wait to watch little Grace grow this year in these posts!

  10. Linda says:

    These are lovely lifestyle photos. You have adorable children. What a great idea to document what your family does.

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