August 24, 2020

Schaefer Family Adventures | July 2020

July was such a busy month, the busiest we’ve had this year.  We started the month, still in Minnesota on vacation, visiting family and friends.  Matthew’s mom took John and Grace too a really wonderful zoo (Hemker Zoo) where the kids could feed the birds, otters and even the giraffes! We then spent the 4th of July weekend with our friends who have kids around the same age as ours.  We went to their family’s lake house and went fishing, paddle boarding and on boat ride.  The kids were in heaven!  It felt so good to be on a lake for this holiday because normally we spend the 4th of July on a lake in Vermont with my family. However due to covid, that family gathering had been canceled.  So it was so refreshing to have a certain level of the familiar and normality to the 4th of July! We finish up our MN adventure in Duluth, MN visiting our friends who live there.  The kids spent good parts of each day just throwing rocks into Lake Superior.  If you have never been to Duluth, I highly recommend it!

After coming back from vacation we dove right into our wedding marathon: 5 weddings in 4 weeks.  It was wild and exhausting but we loved every moment of it! My little sister came to stay with us during that time to help watch the kids while I shot, edited and blogged weddings and engagement sessions. The kids love having Aunt Becca here to play with them! At the end of July,when all the work was done, I decided to take them to Racoon Creek State Park to the beach to celebrate and spend some quality time together.  The kids were thrilled and have been asking to go back!

I feel like the month just fly by and it kind of did.  I am so thankful that August has been a bit slower in regards to work, so I can catch my breath and rest.  I finally sat down to edit the personal family photos from July, hence this blog post being a bit late (it’s almost the end of August!) but better late than never, right?



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